I’m conscious during the day, do not like.

Trying to get my sleep schedule back to normal, so being awake during the day, DO. NOT. LIKE.

Sure, it’s “normal” for you normies, but I’m not you, day is my night. so I’m cranky.

On the plus side, tweeted to NZXT on twitter and in the span of 20-30 minutes, they replied to me to submit a ticket to see if they have any of the fans I use on my Radiator (AER-P//non-rgb) in their inventory because I couldn’t find any in stock anywhere and mine aren’t even 2 years old and they’re making hella sus sound =(

I also actually made the choice and got a Star Citizen starter pack, too many damn videos in my recommended watching stuff finally got to me, so I’ll spin that up soon and have some fun.

Keep on doing you buddies.

What to do, What to do


The other day, while I was in Mushy Brain status, my brain decided I should delete all my unused Outriders characters. Sure, ok, cool. NOT! Instead, it deleted all my characters. freakin’ boo!

Now I’m slowly leveling back up, I’m I think 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through the story, but this time I’m going to get to World Tier 15 before I start Expeditions, get me all OP! and find a build that suits me.

I’m going to be moving houses in the next month or so, which is awesome. I’m going to have a bit smaller room, but I also got myself an L-shape desk so I’ll have a bit more space for my PC and layout which is good. It’s still in the same town though so not much else will change (though I’ll be much closer to McDonalds, so late night Frappes and Frozen drinks woo!)

Also hope my 1660 ti doesn’t die before I can get a shiny new GPU for my PC, would be nice =P