“You’re not trying”

“You’re not trying” or “You’re not trying hard enough”

Two phrases I’ve heard before and they actually hurt, and I’ve heard them from a couple people lately. I generally just shrug it off, but there are some moments when I hear it that I just kinda want to cancel the day, curl up in my bed and just forget everything else exists. Of course, this also gives people who like throwing that phrase around ammunition to do so.

The last time I heard this from someone I loved very much, it pretty much killed any sort of relationship possibility and future contact. I mean, they couldn’t see how hard I actually was trying outside their window into my life, but still threw that phrase at me and with misplaced anger and hate behind it.

You never know how hard someone is or is not trying to do something when you say one of those phrases, nor do you know the specifics of the person’s situation that you’re saying it to, I think it’s one of those things you should never say to somebody.

So, if you’re reading this, keep on being you, you’re awesome, I believe in you.

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