Twitch and Me

I’ve started to stream on twitch (click the twitch icon in the site menu to reach my channel) a little more recently, it is kinda fun, though because I only use a single screen, it does make it hard to interact with people if they’re talking in twitch chat. I’ve also been playing The Division 2 more of late, I leveled up another character to level 30 to do another build, the reason I didn’t do the build on my first character is to keep things separate so I don’t confuse myself. I’ve also been raiding in the game recently with thanks to Djtickle and friends (click here for his twitch stream and click here for his discord server). Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to get into a raid to see the content or have a chance at the new gear that’s exclusively available in that raid. So thanks!

I’ve been writing in my notebook each day as well, to someone very special to me and I’m hoping that by the time it is complete, I can send it out to them, along with some other bits and pieces that I would like to give them. One thing that I want to send, I got today and is a limited run of it, so I hope they’ll like it!.

It’s just after 0300 now and I’m starting to think that I want to crawl into bed and just watch anime on my phone via Crunchyroll. I have a few going at the moment, like Akame ga Kill!, Say “I love you” and Kaguya-sama: Love is War. I also finished a few others over the last few days, as well as the week or so before hand and I enjoy watching them over again hehe.

Is there anything that you think I should try and watch? (assuming anyone is actually reading this)

Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you again next time!

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