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I’ve had a chance to enjoy some cooler weather recently which was pretty awesome because normally I feel hot (temperature wise) and the additional heat from a summer day makes it that much more worse. However, I’m not sure that I’ve really accomplished anything in those few days, don’t get me wrong, I’ve done things like play games and talk to people and apply for jobs, but I just don’t feel like it’s an accomplishment. Oh wait, I did talk to a friend about working for him and I hope that comes to being, because it is something I would love to do and I would learn from the work as well.

I’ve been playing a fair bit of a game in closed beta called Dauntless (link here), and so far I can say that I’m having fun. Most people would probably compare it to Monster Hunter World or the Monster Hunter series in general, I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with them, but the game itself does need more to do than just hunt these “behemoths” (the monsters). Now, they’re probably going to add more to do and the game is in closed beta at the moment and is kind of costly to enter, the lowest tier “founder’s pack” will set you back about $39.99USD, but for the cost I’ve paid (I bought the Founder’s level tier pack for $79.99USD which included a slayer-tier pack for a friend), I have had some real fun playing with other people and the friend I gave my spare key to.

I’ve updated the landing page with my “currently playing” to include Dauntless and remove some other games I haven’t played for a bit. Nioh is a bit neglected, I really should play that some more, and stream it as well so people can maybe watch and laugh at my repeated attempts to not get my butt handed to me heh.


As the Canadians say, “Peace Oot!” (not really, but the ones I know have said this for my benefit hehe)

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