It’s been a hot few days

Yeah, it has been a hot few days, I really don’t like it. The last time I had a hot day, my portable AC unit broke somehow and the one I have now is useless as a condom machine in the vatican =P It doesn’t cool the room, it kinda maintains the temperature, though today it actually went UP 5 degrees celcius in my bedroom while it was in use.

On Thursday I went to an appointment as a “Job Seeker” with centrelink, I now have to look for jobs. Yeah that’s totally going to be fun, applying for job that I could possibly do with my issues. On the plus side though, apparently the government will offer my potential employers some sort of cash money grant to hire me over someone else.


Currently it’s 2144 and cool enough for me to attempt to use my computer and amuse myself. So I’m going to try that.

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